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When a wordpress plugin breaks your site

As I have been making the transition from a basic html site to a wordpress driven site, I have tried different wordpress plugins. Since I am also a fan of the apple iphone, I wanted to make sure that my posts and pages would show up well on these new platforms. First I made sure my portfolio would fit on each screen and also took time to make sure that my portfolio plugin wasn’t flash based. As Apple and Adobe were not getting along well. As I tested I realized that my portfolio would work well yet would run over the side bar when on the iphone and ipod touch. One good thing about using a WordPress theme that allows customization I was able to select which pages I create show what type of sidebar. Also since switching to WordPress I was able to borrow a computer and access my site online and make adjustments on the fly without having to go home to my computer or need to use any design software.

So what happens when a plugin breaks your site?  In the case of my portfolio plugins, I needed to adjust my layout and avoid flash for picture.  I also had difficulty with how a mobile plugin worked.  This plugin created a special theme which actually kept me from accessing the pages as I had designed them. The plugin didn’t have a way for a user to go to the actual webpage and see it as originally created.  One benefit of the iphone browser was that it can show a website as created and not need a special mobile interface. The good thing about using WordPress and plugins, was that this wasn’t a problem as a designer.  All I needed to do was disable the plugin.

Whether you choose to use a plugin for mobile or not make sure that you test it so that you still have a good experience with your site. While all sites will have a better experience on a laptop or desktop, as we move toward platforms such as the iphone, ipad, or netbook market, it means we need to test on each of these when possible.

Test, Test, Test is the part of the game for a web designer. Hopefully your issues will be easily remedied as mine were.