Web design and website redesign follow a straightforward process which takes your company or organization’s products, marketing plan, and information and shapes them so that your target audience is reached effectively, clearly, and in a purposeful manner.

While designing a webpage seems like a complicated and time-consuming task, we set up a timeline that helps you keep on track and assures that your website will be completed and ready to launch without unwanted delays and cost overruns.

Initial Consultation

Clients receive a free initial consultation when beginning our project. This allows new customers to gain knowledge of the process of creating a website, to clarify their goals and needs, and to set their budget and timetable accordingly.

We provide detailed analysis of competitors’ websites, an evaluation of your current website, and a preliminary site plan.

Planning and Evaluation

Following the consultation we use the client questionaire and your imput to define your goals and needs.

We define your target audience, develop a list of design and style preferences for your new site. We develop a overall sitemap and plan for navigation which helps you know the structure and flow of your site.

We set goals and define a plan which will include a timeline, check points for evaluation and launch date.

Content Evaluation and Template Design

Beginning the process of designing or redesigning a site we gather all needed content necessary to create your site and design based on content. If you site is one which will use a blog or social media, we design in order to meet those marketing strategies. The content that is provided and developed by the client drives our design which creates a unique site based on what you wish to communicate.

Design and Development

This phase includes the actual creation of a webpage, securing a web hosting plan, doing any programming necessary for any dynamic features and search engine optimization.

The first website draft will be submitted for approval to client prior to completing all pages and content in the final draft.

Testing and Launch

The final site will be tested on numerous systems and browsers, to insure both technical quality and proofing of text. The site will be listed in all search engines, and content adjusted for any last search engine optimization that began in the design phase.

The website will be presented to client prior to launch for final approval. Following testing and launch we complete the process by gathering any feedback from our customers in order to improve the quality of our service.