Grace Web Consulting provides customers with a variety of services which focus on your needs.

Each of our services are provided with the utmost attention to your personal or organizational needs. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Consultation, Evaluation and Website Report

A separate consultation, evaluation and written website plan is available for a fee of $400.00. This fee will roll-over into the main design or redesign budget should a client wish to complete their design with us.  This consultation allows new customers to gain knowledge of the process of creating a website, to clarify their goals and needs, and to set their budget and timetable accordingly. During this consultation, we provide detailed analysis of competitors’ websites, an evaluation of your current website, and a preliminary site plan.

Website Design and Redesign

The budget for a website redesign or a new website design will vary depending on the size of your site and type of site you desire. We will do our very best to give you an accurate estimate based on the client evaluation and consultation.

We offer a artistic and personal approach to web design. Giving your website a unique look that is designed for you alone. We make sure that all designs follow the best practices in web design following W3C guidelines for maximum compatibility.

We create each web page with your content in mind rather than placing your content in predefined templates. The design process begins with a free consultation, followed by a structured plan with multiple points where you give feedback in the creative process. Each site is designed with using CSS and optimized so that pages load quickly even over slower bandwidth.

Photo Editing and optimization for web is often an overlooked necessity by those who create web pages.Grace Web Consulting can take photos on your web site and make sure they look great and also load fast. Most people only view a web page for seconds before deciding to move on. A fast loading page keeps your visitors attention and makes a better overall impact.

We focus on you and your customers and strive to create a website that is both clean, creative and user friendly. We strive to make your site a place that visitors will linger and return to and give your organization a website that will complement all of your marketing and communication efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people use a search engine to find your company for the first time. Having your site achieve a high ranking requires search engine optimization.

Websites designed by Grace Web Consulting begin with a strategy for optimizing your website for optimal web exposure and high ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Ask and Bing.

We will do a preliminary website evaluation for free and let you know how we can help you increase traffic on your site.

Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging have become a great way to drive customers to your website.  We offer marketing strategies which help you create a website, set up facebook and twitter and design your web content.  We can help you learn how this new marketing approach can reach new customers and provide ways for you to create great content for each of these tools.