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7 Essential Things All Bloggers Should Be Doing | Vandelay Design Blog

Great post by Vandelay Design Blog

7 Essential Things All Bloggers Should Be Doing | Vandelay Design Blog.

With the number of blogs online growing every day, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and achieve success with your blog. In the end, many bloggers that start out with high hopes and expectations wind up deciding that blogging really isn’t worth their time. Those who have some patience and a plan to achieve specific goals with their blog will have a much greater likelihood of long-term success.

In this post we’ll look at 7 things that you should be doing to set yourself up for success and to avoid common pitfalls. The topics covered here should prove to be helpful for bloggers who are just getting started or for those who have been feeling like their efforts haven’t been producing enough results. Here are 7 things that all bloggers should be doing.

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Atlanta Arts Network Website

The lastest website for the Atlanta Arts Network features WordPress 3.0 and has sidebar widgets which publish both twitter and facebook feeds.  The other pages will be a place for general information about the network.  The main page will be a place for ongoing information and the events calendar uses an embedded google calendar.  The resources pages used another sidebar option in order to show links  and present a text/html box for information for that page only.